Omid Safi – Sufi Heart – Ep. 7 – Rekindling Our Tenderness

Omid Safi – Sufi Heart – Ep. 7 - Rekindling Our Tenderness

Omid is invited by Taniya Hussain from the Beat Burnout Summit to talk about the practices that allow us to rekindle the love and tenderness that exists in each of us.

Taniya Hussain is a Trauma Recovery & Stress Management Coach & Consultant and the host of the Beat Burnout Summit. Beat Burnout Summit is designed to help social workers and healthcare professionals de-stress, set healthy boundaries and reconnect with their purpose and passion. Learn more: Taniya Hussain

Show Notes

Inviting In Love (Opening) – How do we bring love into social action? Taniya and Omid talk about meeting hatred and social injustice with a heart of compassion.

“It is important to remember that love, tenderness and kindness are also present in our world, we have simply created a mechanism whereby the viler and the more hateful something is, the quicker we are bringing the microphone to it.” – Dr. Omid Safi

Rekindling Our Tenderness (13:00) – Omid shares practices for rekindling our innate love and tenderness. He looks at the support we provide to one another and the need to treat ourselves with the same compassion we extend to others.

“How would you treat yourself if you came across yourself? Many of us are so good when we see others and we know exactly what to say to them, we know exactly how to tell them that they are worthy, they are beautiful, their life has meaning. Yet when it comes to our own selves, it is almost like we don’t know how to bring that same wisdom and light into our own life.” – Dr. Omid Safi

Reconnecting (29:15) – At this moment, we are the most connected generation of humans to exists, thanks to modern technology, and yet we are at our most disconnected from each other’s hearts. Omid shares methods of reconnecting to ourselves one another. He and Taniya talk about asking for help when we need it and how to find the humility to do so.

Omid Safi – Sufi Heart – Ep. 7 - Rekindling Our Tenderness


Photos via Taniya Hussain