Omid Safi – Sufi Heart – Ep. 14 – Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Omid Safi - Sufi Heart - Ep. 14 - Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and The Prophets

Omid Safi offers a look at the life and teachings of Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, a civil rights hero who had a passion for serving God and mankind equally.

The Prophets

What does it mean to be a prophet in the Jewish tradition? Omid talks about Rabbi Heschel’s prophetic model of spirituality, exploring the characteristics of a prophet and how they relate to heaven and earth.

“To be a prophet is to always keep God and humanity in your mind at the same time – at all times.” – Abraham Joshua Heschel

Prayer and Activism (10:25)

Omid looks at how Rabbi Heschel became involved in social activism and the way his work became a cornerstone of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s philosophy. We explore Rabbi Heschel’s passionate views on the interconnection between social justice and spirituality.

“For Heschel, the prophetic consciousness is someone whose sensitivity to human suffering has been so elevated that you never make the choice to speak out. You have no choice. You know that unless you speak out, and more importantly – act up, the rocks are going to cry out.” – Dr. Omid Safi 

Remembering God (31:00)

Rabbi Heschel said that Martin Luther King Jr. had a voice like the voice of the prophets of Isreal. Omid reflects on the connection between God and mankind that allows for prophets to bring God’s love back into the picture, generation after generation.

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Omid Safi - Sufi Heart - Ep. 14 - Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and The Prophets

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