Ram Dass – Here and Now – Ep. 22 – How May I Serve You?


On this episode of Here and Now, Ram Dass talks about what service really means, moving beyond ego and time, and why his mantra is the question, “How may I serve you?”

How May I Serve You?

Raghu Markus introduces this Ram Dass dharma talk, and explores the connection between Hanuman and service. Ram Dass begins by talking about what service really means and why his mantra is the question, “How may I serve you?”

“I feel very much like Ram’s guru, who says to Ram, ‘Thank you for letting me do this thing for you,’ because this is my method.” – Ram Dass

The Awakened Heart Blog writes about how service creates transformation
An Egoless State (15:15)

Ram Dass talks more about his model of service, and how it doesn’t really matter what type of service is being done. He explores the connection between service and the surrender of ego, how the work he’s doing is that of purification. He reads the Four Great Vows of Buddhism, and tells stories about his guru, Maharajji, who was pure light, energy, and love.

“It doesn’t mean you become a passionless bump on a log, it just means that all of it, all of the grooving with the beauty of it all, is done in an egoless state.” – Ram Dass

A Surrender That’s No Surrender (29:35)

Ram Dass talks more about surrendering the ego, and how it’s really a surrender that’s no surrender at all. He explores how the ego is always caught within the concept of time, and once the ego is gone everything is all here and now. He tells stories from his past about how it’s possible to always live in the here and now without the whole world falling apart.

“Fear of death only comes through the brittleness of ego.” – Ram Dass



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