Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 10 – Nothing Left Out

‘It’s not the future of humanity, but the presence of eternity’. With this in mind, we begin to understand the necessity for acceptance, in all aspects of our experience. The invitation offered through meditation is all-inclusive; no matter what we carry from our past, there is a dignity and freedom of heart that is possible for us all.

Episode Outline:

The Life Breath – Our interconnected humanity invites us to truly open to our lives, without resistance
Virtue of Heart – Nobility is not defined by the circumstances in which we find ourselves, but by the response of the heart
A Radical Invitation – The Sangha is compromised of all living beings, honored for our capacity to awaken – No one is left out
The Great Divide – We seem to exist in a highly fractured world. Meditation is an opportunity to gather the pieces, and be present for the ‘wholeness’ that we uncover
Mindfulness (All encompassing) – True mindfulness does not restrict itself to the mind, but incorporates all of the natural world in which we exist, as well as the physical response to our outer and inner environment
Spiritual Bypass (Selective Sadhana) – As we begin our practice, it’s not uncommon to place focus on methods that allow us to avoid our deeper struggles. The true work is to open to all major dimensions of ourselves, and those around us
Historic Hierarchy – History often reflects the presence and influence of men over that of women. It is crucial that we balance these energies in an effort to not limit our experience and potential. If you meet the Buddha, you meet the Goddess
Assumed Equality – Nothing is discriminated against – Our intrinsic value is not debatable
Listen to the Mystery – In quieting the mind, we allow the outer and inner to merge. With graciousness and respect, we learn to find ease in the intimacy
Respect (Don’t homogenize, harmonize) – True respect is the integration of difference: joy/sorrow, gain/loss, birth/death, masculine/feminine
Think Global, Act Local – We don’t have to travel the world over in order to work on ourselves – There is plenty to work with right where we are

Stuff from this episode:

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