Nikki Walton – New Growth – Ep. 17 – Authentic Confidence with Humble the Poet

Humble the Poet joins Nikki Walton to discuss how he builds up authentic confidence, why service is essential on the spiritual path, and the importance of having a spiritual guru.

Humble the Poet, AKA Kanwer Singh, is a Canadian-born rapper, spoken-word artist, poet, international bestselling author, and former elementary school teacher. He has performed at concerts and festivals including Lollapalooza, and been featured in major media including Buzzfeed and Huffington Post. His latest book is called Things No One Else Can Teach Us. Visit him at

Authentic Confidence

Nikki welcomes Humble to New Growth, and asks about the making of the video for his song, H.A.I.R. Humble discusses his background and growing up in Toronto, one of the most diverse cities in the world. Nikki asks him about building up authentic confidence, and how he’s able to bring awareness to all he does in life.

“None of us will truly feel connected if we don’t have an opportunity to be our authentic self.” – Humble the Poet

Service and Ego (18:38)

The conversation turns to the situation in India with the Coronavirus pandemic and government response. Both Nikki and Humble want to use their platforms to help people and shine light on situations that require our attention. Humble talks about the importance of service on the spiritual path, and how it connects to the ego.

“We’ve created this border, our ego is this border, this membrane, that makes the drop think that it’s separate from the ocean.” – Humble the Poet

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Imagine Sisyphus as Happy (41:45)

Humble shares how his latest book was inspired by an Albert Camus quote, and asks us all to imagine Sisyphus being happy as he pushed his giant boulder up the hill. He talks about the online community he created, Humble the Poet’s Handsome Friends, and answers questions from Nikki’s friend about vegetarianism and the importance of having a spiritual guru.

“Make everybody your guru; then, definitely, a guru is essential.” – Humble the Poet


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