Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 453 – From Selfish to Service with Duncan Trussell

Duncan Trussell is back with Raghu for a conversation on moving from a mindset of selfishness and polarization to one of service, humor, and compassion.

Celebrating the 6th anniversary of Be Here Now Network, Raghu invites back his podcast guru, Duncan Trussell—the main inspirational spark behind the creation of this far-spanning family of podcasts. In this episode, they dive into how service makes you less of a selfish asshole, why a good sense of humor is synonymous with spirituality, and how to move past the illusion of polarization.

From Selfish to Service

Raghu welcomes comedian, longtime friend, and Be Here Now Network podcast guru Duncan Trussell back to Mindrolling to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the BHN Podcast Network. Raghu invites him to share what first sparked his interest in offering help to Ram Dass and the Love Serve Remember Foundation. From here, they discuss their first meeting, the connection they share through Neem Karoli Baba (Maharaj-ji), and how Duncan has transformed over the years from being around the satsang and going to Ram Dass retreats.

“I was depressed, and I heard if you get into service, if you help—if you stop being a completely depressed selfish asshole, and reach out to help people other than yourself—sometimes that makes you feel better.” – Duncan Trussell

Duncan & Raghu explore the connection between confusion & enlightenment; click here to listen to or watch Ep. 385 of the Mindrolling podcast.
Ram Dass: Eyes of Love // Comedy & Perspective (19:00)

Raghu shares an impactful realization at Ram Dass’ house (Hanuman Maui) not long after last December’s LSRF Open Your Heart in Paradise retreat.

“The biggest thing that I have as a takeaway from humor that really does open up a space so that you’re not jumping down your throat, is taking the self-seriousness out of the equation.” – Raghu Markus

Click to check out this heartwarming short film – Eyes of Love – which showcases highlights from Ram Dass’ last Maui retreat and his visit to the Hanuman Mandir at the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Taos.
There Is No ‘Them’ // Polarization, Tribalism, & Compassion (42:00)

How do we get along with those that we inherently disagree with? Jamming together on a Ram Dass quote highlighting that there is no ‘them,’ only ‘us,’ Raghu and Duncan explore how we can move from the ‘movie of me’ to the ‘movie of we.’ Through this lens, they share how we can overcome polarization and tribalism by cultivating openness and compassion.

“The Dharma, the Sanatana Dharma, the Eternal Way—family, eating together, singing together, walking together, working together—within that, when you forget all the worldly stuff, it doesn’t matter who you’re hanging out with. Within that, the sun starts rising; you experience the reality of our shared humanity, which is so much older than Republicans or Democrats.” – Duncan Trussell

Raghu & Duncan join Krishna Das & Bob Thurman in the womb of compassion; click here to listen to  Ep. 260 of the Mindrolling podcast, click here to listen.

Photo via Love Serve Remember Foundation