Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 434 – Divine Love and Accepting our Humanity with Pete Holmes

Raghu Markus and Pete Holmes discuss how accepting all parts of ourselves can enrich our lives and allow us to experience divine love. 

Recorded live at the Wisdome in Los Angeles, Raghu Markus and Pete Holmes discuss how accepting all parts of ourselves can enrich our lives and allow us to experience divine love. 

Pete Holmes is an American comedian, actor, writer, producer, and podcaster. You can listen to him on his podcast You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes and check out his new TV show, How We Roll.

Love and Humor 

Raghu and Pete begin by discussing comedy’s place in the spiritual world. While comedians may not be the typical devotees, laughing can be a useful tool. When Ram Dass was asked what his two most important pieces of advice were on the spiritual path, his response was love and humor. 

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A Sleeping Bag Filled With Warm Applesauce (7:38)

Pete reflects on his time spent with Ram Dass. He recalls Ram Dass’ ability to conjure up the sensation of Maharaj-ji, which to Pete felt a lot like a sleeping bag filled with warm applesauce. It was as if you were insulated by a hug and an inner knowing that everything is okay. After struggling to accept the humanity of experiencing ‘un-spiritual’ feelings such as anger or horniness, Pete received this message from Maharaj-ji: 

“I insist you love every part of yourself the way that I love every part of you. I’m not going to let go of you until you say yes to this too, until you forgive reality.”

Non-Dualism (15:50)

Even though God, Guru, and Self are all one, the machine still needs the oil of love. Meditating on the fact that we are oneness doesn’t necessarily mean we must cut ourselves off from experiencing the beauty of reality and everyday moments.

“We need to play the game of duality more than circumvent it. I know my daughter is deep down awareness, but the joy I get out of serving her and cutting the little crusts off of her cute little pumpkin seed sandwich (cause you can’t have nuts at school) is so delicious. Why would I deprive myself of that lubrication, I don’t want to be so dry.” – Pete Holmes

The Performance Principle (22:19)

Raghu and Pete talk about the performance principle. Why are we all so eager to perform for others? We think we must earn love but unconditional love already exists. The more we can be ourselves and accept ourselves, the more we can experience divine love. Pete reflects on an experience involving Ram Dass and an ice cream sandwich. Pete realized he did not need to impress Ram Dass, he was already a beloved brother just by existing. 

“Ram Dass was constantly cleaning his mirror to reflect divine love.” – Raghu Markus

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Feature image via Bhagavan108