Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 400 – Intergenerational Healing w/ Dr. Sará King

Dr. Sará King joins Raghu Markus for a conversation around cultivating perspective, working through trauma, and how we can become the embodiment of intergenerational healing. 

Dr. Sará King is a UCLA-trained neuroscientist, political and learning scientist, social entrepreneur, public speaker, and yoga and mindfulness meditation instructor. She has over 20 years of experience as a research scientist, and specializes in the study of the relationship between mindfulness, complementary alternative medicine, and social justice. She is the scientific consultant for Peace in Schools, a dharma teacher with Presence Collective, a Postdoctoral Fellow in Neurology, and the founder of MindHeart Consulting, a scientific consultancy offering seminars, research and development, and trauma healing circles.

For more on Sará’s offerings, please visit mindheartconsulting.com and follow her at @mindheartcollective.
A Separate Reality

Raghu welcomes Sará to Mindrolling and asks not only about her background, but how she came to understand there’s a separate reality from what we think is real. Sará shares some of the trauma she faced as a child, including periods of homelessness, and how she was able to cultivate a perspective that allowed her to thrive later on in her life. 

“The feeling of impermanence really pervaded my body, my life, growing up. And I had to find ways of anchoring to my experience of existing in the world, in a way that allowed me the idea that it might be possible to live a life of thriving one day. And for me, books were it.” – Dr. Sará King

Working Through Trauma (20:40)

Raghu asks Sará for her advice on working through trauma. Sará shares her perspective on trauma and the importance of somatic healing. She talks about the nervous system’s capacity for othering, and how we can get addicted to our own internal trauma response. Sará explores the intersection of awareness practice and social justice. She introduces the concept of intergenerational trauma and ways we can work through it.

“In my belief, trauma is rarely just about this lifetime… I believe that most trauma is deeply intergenerational.” – Dr. Sará King

Intergenerational Healing (48:03)

Raghu and Sará discuss compassion, and how aggression can sometimes masquerade itself as compassion. Sará ends the show with a powerful guided meditation focused on how we can become the embodiment of intergenerational healing. 

“Take the entire body into your lungs now, remaining connected to this emanation of healing light pouring forth from the heart center, connecting you to the feeling of being an intergenerational being.” –  Dr. Sará King

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