Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 324 – On Becoming Nobody with Jamie Catto and Noah Markus

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 324 - On Becoming Nobody with Jamie Catto and Noah Markus

In this special episode of the Mindrolling Podcast, Raghu and guest host Noah Markus speak with director Jamie Catto about creating the film Becoming Nobody with Ram Dass.

Recorded shortly after the passing of Ram Dass, this episode celebrates Ram Dass’ teachings around death and looks at how the film Becoming Nobody can be a valuable tool in our journey of awakening. Becoming Nobody is available now on DVD and digital download.

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A Journey Into Nobodyness

What does it mean to become nobody? Jamie speaks with Noah and Raghu about Ram Dass’ teachings around becoming nobody and what those teachings mean to them on a personal level.

“Ram Dass talks during the film about living in two places. There are two places to be awake at once. The loving and kind one that is watching and the ego that is in the meldrama. Most people live thier whole life with just the ego and the melodrama, thinking that is everything. But when you are in the one that is just watching, it is much less personalized. The part that is loving presence in you is also that part of loving presence that is me. All of our loving presence is one thing.” – Jamie Catto  

Taking Off A Tight Shoe (10:45)

The group speaks with one another about Ram Dass’ death. They share their feelings in the wake of his passing and talk about the emphasis in Ram Dass’ teachings around dying as just a part of life’s journey.

“When we made Becoming Nobody, we made it to be an endless bottle of medicine. So that forever and ever, that beautiful transmission of humor and love and kindness and wisdom is endlessly available.” – Jamie Catto  

A Film About Us (39:30)

More than an interview or biography, Becoming Nobody is more like sitting down with Ram Dass for a lesson about our own journey into “nobodyness”.

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