Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 308 – An Illusory Sense of Reality with David Nichtern

illusory sense of reality

David Nichtern returns to Mindrolling to talk about his upcoming book, his new podcast, and how we can break free from our illusory sense of reality.

David Nichtern is the host of the Creativity, Spirituality & Making a Buck podcast on the Be Here Now Network. 

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An Illusory Sense of Reality

Raghu welcomes David back to Mindrolling as they explore the concept of becoming nobody. David talks about how much of practice is about undoing our fabricated sense of self and the illusory sense of reality we often project. They dive into David’s new book to define some helpful Tibetan Buddhist terms.

“We’re always watching ourselves, we’re confirming our existence with our second take, which is roughly called ego.” – David Nichtern

David Nichtern explores the bhav of creativity with Jamie Lee Curtis
The Business of Passion (21:51)

Raghu and David both share some painful lessons they learned from their times in the music industry as they discuss how hard it can be to stay true to your passion and make money. David talks about integrating the threads of creativity, spirituality, and business into our lives.

“For me, there was a real passion to do Triloka Records. And then making it into a business, there was a lot of grace involved.” – Raghu Markus

Guru OS (41:32)

Raghu brings up David’s new podcast, and they remind us all not forget our sense of humor when it comes to spirituality. They talk about the concept of the guru as the operating system that’s embedded into the threads of life we’re attempting to bring together.

“Spirituality has to be the central tentpole. If you’re not right with yourself and you don’t have a clear, happy mind, no amount of external success will get you where you need to be.” – David Nichtern


Images via Mary Godschalk