Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 307 – Shifting to the View with Dale Borglum

shifting view

Dale Borglum drops by the Mindrolling podcast to chat with Raghu about shifting our view of life away from identification with the thinking mind and the stories we tell ourselves to that of pure awareness itself.

Ram Dev Dale Borglum hosts the Healing at the Edge Podcast on the Be Here Now Network. Please visit the Living/Dying Project to learn about his work with using the process of dying as a time of awakening and spiritual transformation. 

Links from this episode: Becoming Nobody | Ram Dass Fellowship
The Three Yanas

Raghu and Ram Dev explore how we get attached to the stories we tell ourselves. Ram Dev talks about the three Yanas of Buddhism – Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana – as a means to loosen the grip of that belief system. They discuss Becoming Nobody and what emptiness really means. 

“As long you’re in the story, you’re really not being present with your living situation.” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum

Shifting to the View (22:50)

What’s your perspective in life? Raghu and Ram Dev reflect on the Dzogchen notion of the View, which is letting go of being caught in your experience and simply being with the nature of things. They touch on the interesting blend of Buddhist wisdom and Bhakti devotion that has developed in the West over the years.

“This sense of the View is that we begin to be with Rigpa, we begin to be with the awakened quality of experience rather than being identified with thinking mind, with ordinary mind.” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche explores the clear view of the Bardo on Ep. 289 of the Mindrolling Podcast
Unconditional Love (38:20)

Raghu and Ram Dev talk about how meditation can become a subtle form of aggression if not approached in the right way. They discuss the importance of Sangha, or community, on the spiritual path, and the unconditional love of Maharajji that touched all of his devotees very deeply. 

“That unconditional love is always available whether you went to India, or whether you love Maharajji, or whether you love Christ.” – Ram Dev Dale Borglum

shifting view

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