Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 306 – Becoming Nobody at Google

Google Empathy Lab

Trudy Goodman, Duncan Trussell, and Google Empathy Lab founder Ananda Danielle Krettek join Mindrolling to discuss what Becoming Nobody means to them, the intersection of technology and spirituality, and much more.

Becoming Nobody opens on September 6 – Find a Theater Here
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The Practice of Nobody-ness

After an advanced screening of Becoming Nobody at Google Empathy Lab, Raghu and the panel discuss the film. They talk about what the concept of becoming nobody means to them, and how letting go of that little ‘me’ takes practice.

“When you’re in the presence of somebody who accepts you, and actually loves you unconditionally, you feel it. We have sonar for this. We have sonar for this from infancy, actually. Yet, to be able to love unconditionally like that really does require letting go of the filter of ‘me.’” – Trudy Goodman

Ram Dass celebrates the release of Becoming Nobody on Here and Now Ep. 150
Working from the Heart Space (26:36)

The panel takes questions from the audience about the film, working with feelings around polarization, and the intersection of technology and spirituality. Ananda Danielle talks about the partnership between Ram Dass and Google Empathy Labs, and how she’s trying to open up her fellow employees to working from the heart space.

“We’re going to talk about all the stuff that makes us who we are, because if we allow more than this part of us to show up at work, then we’re going to show up and serve people, and make things that serve all of them.” – Ananda Danielle Krettek 

Honest Conversations (40:11)

There are more questions from the audience about Ram Dass’ presence and authenticity, and social action and responsibility on the part of large technological conglomerates. Trudy and Ananda Danielle discuss the need to have these honest, sometimes uncomfortable conversations.

“You can’t hide from it. You have to have that conversation. You have to drop in to the deepest human part of yourself, because that’s the part of someone else you’re designing for.” – Ananda Danielle Krettek

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Images Courtesy of Nadia Tyson