Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 302 – East Forest x Ram Dass

East Forest

East Forest returns to the Mindrolling Podcast to celebrate the release of “Ram Dass”, the full-length album that pairs soul-stirring music with the wisdom of Ram Dass like never before.

Listen to samples from “Ram Dass” by East Forest x Ram Dass and find upcoming events with East Forest at EastForest.org.

East Forest x Ram Dass

East Forest and Raghu talk about how the album “Ram Dass” was conceived. They discuss the perfect way that the project came together and share the track “Mind Karma” featuring vocals from Trevor Hall.

“I did the Mindrolling Podcast about a year and a half ago. You and I, Raghu, got to know each other on the podcast. Through that, I think it allowed me to have the courage to do this idea. It just felt right, like giving it over to Maharaj-ji. I wanted to hand it over to something larger than myself.” – East Forest

A Return to Wisdom (14:15)

East Forest speaks about the process of opening and surrender that creating the album has been for him. He shares how his time recording with Ram Dass and the of journey putting the album together became a transformative personal experience. He and Raghu listen to the track “Nature” and discuss the importance of reconnecting ourselves with the natural world.

“Some of what is really needed today, especially for the next generations coming up, is a return. A return to wisdom, to primordial relationship with the wild. There is a return that needs to happen. Certainly, nature is the first place, to me, that one would go to reestablish something that we are so missing because of the way we have been living.” – Raghu Markus

Plucked by the Guru (32:35)

East Forest shares some of his favorite pieces of wisdom that Ram Dass put into the album. They close the show with the track “I Am Loving Awareness” featuring Krishna Das.

“The story of this record is that it is Ram Dass today. When people hear the songs, they hear the voice of wisdom that is seeping through. The character of his voice. His words are so masterful.” – East Forest 

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Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 302 - East Forest x Ram Dass

Art via East Forest