Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 290 – The Identity of Identitylessness with Duncan Trussell, Robert Thurman and Noah Markus

Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 290 - Duncan Trussell, Robert Thurman and Noah Markus

Raghu is joined by Duncan Trussell, Robert Thurman and Noah Markus for a roundtable conversation about working with our identities and living with wisdom and integrity in today’s world.

Becoming Nobody

How can we use the methods and tools of altering the mind, like psychedelics and meditation, without building attachment or identifying with them?

“It’s so embarrassing. I realized what a ridiculous thing (psychedelics are) to get attached to.” – Duncan Trussell 

The Identity of Identitylessness (5:30)

The group looks at how our inherent emptiness can be uncovered through selflessness. Robert Thurman explores our ever-unfolding relationship with our experience of emptiness and identity.

“Nobody realizes emptiness. You are already are emptiness if you are a relative being. Therefore you simply surrender to your relativity.” – Robert Thurman  

Trudy Goodman Kornfield reflects on the nature of identity on Ep. 38 of the BHNN Guest Podcast
Realistic Livelihood (20:40)

Robert helps us better understand what it means to live with right livelihood. The group discusses realistic ways we can move through the world causing the least amount of harm. They speak about the miraculous actions of beings who have dedicated every aspect of their lives to the betterment of all beings.

The Philosophy of Materialism (42:50)

What are the consequences of the materialist worldview? The group closes with a reflection on the dangers of materialism and the implications of what lies beyond the physical world.

 Art via James Jean and W Byrne