Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 284 – Aubrey Marcus

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 284 - Aubrey Marcus

Author and entrepreneur Aubrey Marcus visits the Mindrolling Podcast for a conversation about what is necessary to wake up from our false narratives and live life fully.

Aubrey Marcus (IG: @aubreymarcus) is the founder and CEO of Onnit, a lifestyle brand based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. Onnit is an Inc. 500 company and an industry leader with products optimizing millions of lives, including many top professional athletes around the world. Aubrey currently hosts the Aubrey Marcus Podcast. Providing a motivational destination for conversations with the brightest minds in athletics, business, science, relationships, and spirituality. Find resources for connecting mind, body and spirit at aubreymarcus.com.

More Than The Movie of Me

Aubrey shares the moment when he realized that there was more to himself than his mind and body. He and Raghu discuss the “movie of me”, the narrative we develop about ourselves and the world. Aubrey shares what he has learned about using the tool of awareness to wake up from our narratives.

“That was that first moment of realization that there were deeper levels of complexity to this human experience. It has been a steady process of awakening, little bit by little bit. That has continued through many different plant medicines and experiential journeys, from meditation to yoga, and floating. All of the ways you can slowly become aware of yourself and all of the distractions we know to forget this truth.” – Aubrey Marcus  

Waking Up With Love (10:45)

Raghu and Aubrey reflect on the hang-ups, habituations, and aversions that we all share at some level. Looking at how experiences of unconditional love can help us drop our “stuff” and wake us up to our true selves – even if just for a moment.

Why We Practice (19:20)

The two discuss the practices that lead us toward equanimity and our better nature. Aubrey talks about moving past the surface benefits of practice (better health and productivity) and towards the fruits of deeper practice. How can these practices allow us to attend to ourselves and others without judgment?

“Meditation is very essential in being able to have leverage into the belief in the ‘me’ – in all the stories we create.” – Raghu Markus 

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Honesty and Awareness (39:55)

Aubrey looks at the key component of self-honesty in self-work. Can training awareness allow us to be straight with ourselves and how we relate to others? Aubrey and Raghu talk about how the practice of Metta towards awareness itself can cultivate a greater sense of self-honesty.

“It doesn’t matter what the supposed object of awareness might be. Rather that we recognize awareness itself. Usually what we perceive is a figure with awareness in the background. Metta-awareness switches figure and background in our perception – so that awareness itself becomes foremost.” – Daniel Goleman, Altered Traits

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Images via Aubrey Marcus and Thrive Global