Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 261 – The Doorway of Faith w/ Robert Thurman, Duncan Trussell & Krishna Das

Mindrolling - Raghu Markus - Ep. 261 - The Doorway of Faith with Robert Thurman, Duncan Trussell, and Krishna Das faith

Raghu continues his conversation with Robert Thurman, Krishna Das and Duncan Trussell around questions of death and cultivating a heart of compassion through faith.

The group touches on questions of enlightenment, karma, ego, death, and the doorway to love that is opened by faith.

Resources from this episode: Part OneSpring on Maui 2019 | Sufi Heart Podcast

Show Notes

Through the Form (Opening)

Do we honor our teachers by seeking enlightenment? The group talks about the path of seeking formlessness through form.

“There are these books that talk about non-dualism that say nothing ever happened, but we think something is happening. So we have to act as if it is happening and purify our hearts and minds through whatever practice works for us. But Maharaj-ji doesn’t need our honoring, he is in our hearts; he is us, not something separate – never was, never will be. The only way to recognize that is to do our part, to play our part in the Lila.” – Krishna Das

The Doorway of Faith (10:15)

We look at the intersection of wisdom and faith. Robert Thurman examines the way that faith acts as a doorway to love.

“Wisdom and faith are usually put as opposites, but actually they totally merge into each other.” – Robert Thurman

Seeing Through Illusion (23:55)

Does the ego itself offer any opportunities for awakening? Robert reflects on the role of the ego and Duncan talks about the experience of seeing through the illusions of ego and separation following his mother’s death.

Through the Bardos (34:20)

What is the difference between the bardos of life and death? Robert answers a question about how we can live a better life by understanding the bardos and embracing the realities of death. He ends with a reflection on the Buddhist idea of clear light and the confidence in ourselves and our future that it holds.

“From this side, it keeps seeming like there are things beyond and beyond, as if there is something else. But clear light is not a white light or darkness, in a way it is an invisible light. You never see clear light because you are clear light, so you shouldn’t be terrified.” – Robert Thurman

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