Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 254 – The Yoga of Work with Rick Jarow

yoga of work

Rick Jarow shares a conversation with Raghu about the practice of right-livelihood, the yoga of work, and shares strategies from his Ultimate Anti-Career Guide.

Rick Jarow, Ph.D. has transformed the way the world thinks about their work, purpose and vocation. As the pioneer of the anti-career movement and author of Creating the Work You Love, he has helped thousands open to their intuition, transform their values into action, and answer their true calling… instead of settling for yet another job.

Links from this episode: Rick Jarow | Peace, Presence and Prema | Hilda Charlton

Show Notes

What Am I Here For? (Opening) – Rick reflects on the early teachings of Ram Dass, fresh from India with Maharaji-ji’s teachings, that set Rick’s life on an entirely new course. He shares some of the formative experiences with transformative teachers who exposed Rick to a wide spectrum of practices.

“So many people that I worked with, their painful place was career. What should I do with my life? That got me interested in career and the whole path of Karma Yoga, which eventually became what is called The Anti-Career Workshop. It grew out of this moment of me looking out the window from my dorm at Harvard, seeing people scurry around, and having a panic attack; thinking, ‘What am I here for, am I going to have to run around, to go to work and die? Is this it?’ Nobody was speaking to that until I met Ram Dass.” – Rick Jarow    

The Next Generation (16:20) – Raghu and Rick reflect on the parallels between the 1960’s revolution of consciousness and social change and the changes we are experiencing today.

The Yoga of Work (20:05) – Do we have to sacrifice our soul to succeed in the workplace? Rick speaks on the practice of right-livelihood and shares the framework of his alternative career guide for the conscious person.

“The whole idea behind right-livelihood to me is not about work, per se, it is about the alignment of being in the right place at the right time. When you have the faith and courage to do that you are supported to get what you need and share what you have to share. You can’t fake that, you can only surrender to it.” – Rick Jarow    

Check out this conversation with Max Strom about rethinking our definition of success and purpose: Life is Not About an Ideal Endgame

Peace, Presence and Prema (35:35) – Rick and Raghu talk about bringing love and awareness to the pattern of destructive narratives that we have about ourselves.

Saints Alive (46:55) – Raghu and his guest talk about their experiences with Hilda Charlton. Rick talks about Hilda’s connection to Swami Nithyananda, who shared many similarities to Neem Karoli Baba.


Photo by David San Segundo