Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 241 – No Fear No Death with Anne Lamott and Duncan Trussell

No Fear No Death

Anne Lamott and Duncan Trussell join Raghu for an honest chat about removing fear from our relationship with death.

Show Notes

No Fear (Opening)

The group discusses the theme of the 2018 “Spring on Maui” retreat, No Fear No Death. Anne talks about the importance of recognizing and accepting the realities of death. Instead of turning a blind eye to our fears around dying.

“When I was young, my dad got so sick. This was in the mid to late 70’s. And you literally didn’t mention death. It was bad manners. It wasn’t until the AIDS epidemic that you could talk about death and that someone’s time was short. You were supposed to not notice that someone weighed 70 pounds and they needed oxygen because we were ‘polite.’ We were children of the 50’s” – Anne Lamott  

Walking Towards Death (13:30)

How does our relationship to death affect how we experience our daily life? The group gets real about how our reactivity and ego. Exploring how heavy subjects like dying can change the way we interact with the world and react to fear.

“When Pam died, I felt incredible spiritual support, and I was enraged, and it took me over ten years to stop being grief struck. I hate that the culture tells you that you will ‘get over it’ and that you should have a more evolved take on it all. The stuff that enlivens and heals us doesn’t come on bumper stickers.” – Anne Lamott

Mirabai Bush sits down with Chris for a raw conversation on dying. She shares wisdom on how we can grieve in a healthy way. Learn from the lessons death has to teach us on Ep. 73 of the Indie Spiritualist Podcast.
Karma and Family (28:10)

Duncan and Anne discuss questions about the role of karma in the family we are born into. The group talks about how exploring karma can change the way in which we relate to death.

The Love Connection (41:55)

The group explores the fabric of love that connects all beings. That we can unite under. They discuss the unique way that love can heal our pain and tame our fear around dying.

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