Mindrolling – Ep. 206 – Near Death Experiences with Dr. Jeffrey Long

Mindrolling - Ep. 206 - Near Death Experiences with Dr. Jeffrey Long

Dr. Jeffrey Long visits the Mindrolling podcast to discuss his fascinating research around near-death experiences.

Show Notes

Evidence of the Afterlife (Opening) – In his first book on the subject of near-death experiences (NDE) Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences Dr. Jeffrey Long examines first-hand accounts of NDEs taken from over 1,600 subjects. Dr. Long discusses the evidence in that first book that set the groundwork for his most recent book, God and the Afterlife: The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God and Near-Death Experience, which explores the deeper spiritual messages found in NDEs.

“In “Evidence of the Afterlife” there were nine lines of evidence that all converged on a conclusion that NDEs are, for a lack of a better word, absolutely real. They are inexplicable by physical brain function as understood.” – Dr. Jeffrey Long

Peace and Love (9:50) – Dr. Long discusses the common elements found among most of the NDEs he has studied and gives us a general idea of what the NDE is like for many people.

“The two most common words used to describe an NDE is peace and love. The great majority in that unearthly realm is the sense that is their real home. That is where they came from and that is where they are going.”- Dr. Jeffrey Long

Out of Body (24:25) – We hear about the early stages of an NDE, known as the out of body experience, which provides the greatest proof of NDEs. Dr. Long discusses the skeptical perspective on NDEs and the alternative explanations of the NDE.

Home and The True Self (32:00) – Raghu and Dr. Long discuss the ways in which many NDE accounts reported are similar to the transpersonal experience as described by numerous belief systems.

“Over and over, near death experiencers say that we are connected, a part of, and unified with God.” – Dr. Jeffrey Long

Many Faces of God (38:45) – The NDE is one which can hardly be put into words and is unique to each person. Dr. Long talks about the many ways in which God is encountered through the NDE.

“God is a human word, what I encountered far transcends anything that can be described with human words.” – NDE account

Find Dr. Long and the complete NDE archive online at nderf.org. Check out this episode of Mindrolling to hear Ram Dass speak on the subject of NDE and the Tibetian Book of the Dead.

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