Mindrolling – Ep. 186 – Getting Ultra Spiritual with JP Sears

JP Sears

YouTube sensation, JP Sears, visits Mindrolling to talk about his unique form of satire and new book, “How to Be Ultra Spiritual.”

JP Sears is an emotional healing coach and international teacher, whose work is intended to empower people to empower themselves to live more meaningful lives. JP is most known for his satirical YouTube series, “Awaken With JP.” JP’s witty and insightful form of comedy shines a light of critical honesty that aims to make us consider ourselves, and life, in a more thoughtful way.

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Show Notes

Being Real (Opening) – JP shares his background and sincere personal practice. He and Raghu talk about the entire path that yoga encompasses. JP talks about wrestling with the decision of what kind of teacher to become. To lead others down the spiritual path in the austere tradition of the great teachers, or take a unique approach that stayed true to himself.

Religious Hell (12:25) – In “How to Be Ultra Spiritual” JP talks about shining light on the shadows, and about the traps some of us fall into by modeling the same tendencies we dislike about religious dogma.

“We don’t like the religious dogma, so we become dogmatically undogmatic.”

Getting Angry at the Mirror (20:00) – Raghu and JP talk about getting flack for being satirically critical of their community, despite how honest that criticism is.

“Anytime you show someone what they don’t want to see, they won’t like what they see in the mirror. Often times we will get angry at the mirror, instead of who is looking in the mirror.”

Reflection of Love (31:30) – Raghu reads a few more passages from “How to Be Ultra Spiritual”. JP talks about how he tries to reach people with his comedy. He and Raghu discuss finding an unconditional inner reflection of love within ourselves.

“That which we don’t know about ourselves controls us more than what we do know about ourselves.”

Indulgence and the Guru (47:40) – Part of being human is over indulging the things that keep us from facing what we need to. JP and Rahu talk about this, as well as shine a light of honesty onto some of the experiences and misconceptions around the Guru.

Check out JP’s last visit to the Be Here Now Network over at Chris Grosso’s The Indie Spiritualist. You can find more from JP Sears online and subscribe to his YouTube channel Awaken With JP.


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Photo via Yoga Dork