Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 185 – Dakota Wint and Koi Fresco

Dakota Wint and Koi Fresco

This week on Mindrolling, Raghu is joined by inspirational YouTube personalities, Dakota Wint and Koi Fresco, to talk about the next generation of spiritual seekers.

Dakota Wint and Koi Fresco are two seekers who guide other young people with their insightful and creative YouTube channels. They talk about how to engage the world in a positive way, as well as discuss the similarities between the 60’s and the world we live in now.

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Show Notes

Finding a Way (Opening) – Dakota and Koi share how they found themselves on the spiritual path. Dakota describes his process of discovering, through psychedelics, a much greater capacity of consciousness. His pursuit of this awakening led him down a path of eastern practices and traditions. The group discusses how common this experience is and hypothesize what is really going on.

“Ram Dass says that he also took a mushroom trip; he also had these realizations. Then Aldus Huxley gave him the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which gave him the idea that there is a lexicon, a map, that points to this experience.”

Koi Fresco shares his life changing experience while serving time for a DUI accident. Taking advantage of the monastic lifestyle in jail, and the library cart, Koi spent his time studying spiritual texts and exploring his inner world.

It’s All Perfect (12:00) – There is a rising tide of conflict in the world, along with an equally growing interest in spirituality and peaceful ways of living life. The group discusses this polarity and the striking similarity between what is happening now and what happened in the 60’s. How do we engage with others that we disagree with instead of creating more division?

The trio reflects on coming to peace with the way things are. Like Maharajji said, “Don’t you know it’s all perfect?” Raghu talks about attachment, dying, and living on two planes of consciousness simultaneously.

“I also think we just have to walk the walk. Not really focus so much on fixing other people and just really focus on our own practice; just be love.” – Dakota Wint

Sharing the Love (24:25) – Dakota shares more of his story. After making friends with a very cool Hare Krishna monk, Dakota dove deep into eastern philosophy and spirituality. Koi found a connection in the teachings of Ram Dass, whose approachability opened the doors for him.

They talk about making the decision to share their experiences with others online. From lucid dreaming to psychedelics to Hinduism, Dakota and Koi have found that there is an incredible interest in the material that has impacted them so much.

Lucid Dreaming (36:40) – The group shares their experiences and thoughts around lucid dreaming and other altered states of consciousness. Raghu talks about the connection between imagination and other planes of consciousness.

What Happened to all the Flower Children? (48:45) – The generations that came out of the 60’s and 70’s produced the leaders that have gotten us into so much political and social trouble. The group talks about how this could happen, but try not to forget all of the people, like Bernie Sanders, who have fought these mistakes.

Be sure to check out another great conversation between Raghu, Koi, Dakota, and Rameshwar Das over on Dakota’s YouTube channel. AND Koi Fresco’s videos on his experience with Ram Dass and his channel, Koi’s Corner.

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