Mindrolling – Raghu Markus – Ep. 147 – Saraswati Markus and the Yogic Dao

Saraswati Markus finally makes her debut on Mindrolling! Who else could so exquisitely describe all of the incredible facets of the ancient technology of Yoga (she is Raghu’s beloved you know!)

At the same time Saraswati shows the synthesis she has created with The Dao, Yoga and Chinese medicine and the potential healing modalities they contain. Not just physical but a true path to untangle the knots that form our habitual patterns.
She expands on that idea by showing how we can all access the innate wisdom of our bodies for healing.

Also there is the concept of healing when you change what you like – Not easy and of course Raghu rebels cause he won’t give up his toast and Chai with a lot of sugar!

Episode Recommendations:

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