Melanie Moser – Shakti Hour – Ep. 12 – Jaclyn Hodes

Melanie Moser - Shakti Hour - Ep. 12 - Jaclyn Hodes

On this episode of the Shakti Hour, Melanie shares a conversation with eco-friendly fashion line creator Jaclyn Hodes on a range of topics from intuition and divine timing to creative practice and right effort.

Jaclyn Hodes is the creator of AWAVEAWAKE, a line of naturally dyed and earth-conscious fashion influenced by traditional styles from the East. She and Melanie discuss the importance of tuning into our intuition along our spiritual path and integrating our practice into every aspect of life.

Show Notes

Awakening to the True Self (Opening) – Jaclyn Hodes shares a little bit about herself and her spiritual path. She talks about how her time with a spirit healer initiated a spiritual evolution which allowed her to shed her past and see other possibilities of living.

“My awakening was actually funny, it was slow in a way. It wasn’t until I stepped into a kundalini yoga class and I heard Sat Nam mantra that I had a further cellular awakening where anything that was dormant really came alive. Through that, my path opened up even further and got much clearer because I think the messages were there all along and it was a matter of cleaning out the fuzz in my ears so that I could hear it.” – Jaclyn Hodes

Communicating Creations to the World (12:20) –Melanie and Jaclyn discuss creativity and right livelihood and how the principles of Jaclyn’s spiritual practice carry into her business practices at AWAVEAWAKE.

“Some things that worked for me were the interplay of consciousness, wellness, and feminine power into not just fashion but how it is expressed in the world.” – Jaclyn Hodes    

Listening to Intuition (22:30) – Jaclyn speaks about tuning into waves of intuition and going with the flow of things. She shares the lessons she learned about opening up to the wavelength of the universe without becoming overwhelmed by it all.

Re-engaging with the Divine (35:30) – Jaclyn offers advice to young women on the path on how to engage themselves with the divine feminine. They discuss the importance of first reconnecting with the body in order to connect to the divine.

“Go study, go deep, go with that teacher and also just feel it. You know that energy.” – Jaclyn Hodes

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