Madison Margolin – Set and Setting – Ep. 36 – Embodiment and Feminine Archetypes with Rishe Groner

Soaking in the divine feminine energy found in Judaism, Rabbi Rishe Groner and Madison Margolin explore the blessings of ecstatic embodiment.

“The soul, deep down, really still wants to utilize the body to achieve a higher level of soul by taking all of those physical things and elevating them and making them something that is embodied divinity.” – Rishe Groner

In this episode, Madison chats with Rishe Groner about:
  • Jewish community building
  • Rishe’s journey back to Judaism through therapy and plant medicine
  • Bringing ecstasy, embodiment, and immersion into an institutional structure
  • The Chabad sect of Hasidic Judaism
  • Being a female leader in the Jewish Community
  • The feminine archetypical qualities of Jewish texts
  • Home-based practices, birth, death, and other rituals lead by women
  • How compartmentalizing can lead to pain and disembodiment
  • Giving voice to matriarchal lines through dance and prayer
  • Blessings and mindfulness towards the earth
  • The soul sense of self
  • Getting in touch with our intuition

“A lot of it is infusing spirituality into the day to day, into how you make food, how you care for your body, or how you even have sex, whatever it is, finding spirituality in the things that we think are just regular life.” – Madison Margolin

About Rishe Groner:

Rabbi Rishe Groner is an experienced prayer leader, focused on creating unique immersive ceremonies utilizing dance, music and meditation. She is also the creator of The Gene-Sis, a post-Hasidic movement toward embodied experience and personal growth through Jewish mystical texts. Rishe has over 20 years of experience in Jewish education, specializing in informal immersive environments such as festivals and retreats. Born in Melbourne, Australia, she was recently ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary and now serves as a congregational rabbi on Long Island.