Loch Kelly – BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 29 – Who We Are

This time on the BHNN Guest Podcast, Loch Kelly invites us to expand our model of who we are and what heals.

Show Notes

Our Whole Selves (Opening) – How can we be present with our higher sense of Self along with the other aspects of our being? Loch investigates questions of who we are and how we can find a balance between all parts of ourselves.

“I have a hypothesis that there is something more subtle, deeper and bigger than the ego center and yet does not threaten the ego, because the ego is a part or the ego is an ego function.  There is no need to kill the ego or get rid of the ego – all parts are welcome.” – Loch Kelly

Who We Are (12:45) – Loch reflects on the shift of operating from our small sense of self to a higher awareness of experience. He looks at the changes we need to make to be able to hold all of the aspects of ourselves together as one.

“The problem is that the trauma is bigger than anybody’s ego. So, rather than just working on the trauma you have to upgrade who it is appearing to.” – Loch Kelly

Shifting Energies (28:15) – We look at the behavior of mirror neurons and talk about the constant scanning and processing of our environment that goes on behind the scenes.

“You do this work while you are really recognizing the feeling of Self, the feeling of being that is able to be that loving presence and is the real protector. Ultimately you want to get to the Self because it is the only dimension of consciousness that can give love and healing to the most wounded parts.” – Loch Kelly 

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Through the Doors of the Senses (38:35) – Loch closes with a sensory-based contemplative practice that opens our awareness to a greater sense of experience.

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