Lama Surya Das – Ep. 56 – Buddhas by Nature

Lama Surya Das - Ep. 56 - Buddhas by Nature

This week, Lama Surya Das looks at the teachings and practices which remind us of our Buddha nature.

Show Notes

Tracing the Source (Opening) – When we try and trace the source of what is arising during our meditation practice, what are we observing? Are we just looking outwardly, towards an object, or are we also including the subject who is observing? Lama Surya Das explores this question around the nature of objectivity and shares practices for shifting our perspective.

“If everything is subjective then who is responsible for all of these perceptions and experiences by which we make decisions? We don’t see things as they are, but as we are; through our projections and interpretations.”

Seeing the Mandala (13:15) – Is ”all one,” or is that too simplistic of a perspective to take? Surya Das looks at what the mandala has to teach us about our point of view and place in the world.

“What are we? Who are we? Are we just who we think we are or are we a conglomeration of aggregates and changing forces?”

Buddhas by Nature (20:10) – We are more than the labels that we identify with and carry with us – our race, age, gender, and nationality. We are Buddhas by nature and Lama Surya Das looks at how recognizing this fact transforms our perspective.

“Everyone knows that a map is not the territory, but it can be helpful. It has its own uses and qualities, but it is just a map. Its missing some of its other dimensions – it’s not the territory. Like a map, our name is not us and our role is not us.”

Jack Kornfield leads a talk on how identity leads us to suffer and shares the Buddha’s path towards freedom from that suffering on Ep. 51 of the Heart Wisdom Podcast

Natural Meditation (31:00) – Surya Das gives guidance on how we can exercise today’s teachings through the practice of Dzogchen Natural Meditation. Afterwards, he speaks to his live audience about questions or concerns they have had arise during meditation practice.

“If you need a little structure or focus you can anchor into present awareness. Otherwise simply resting aware in awareness itself. Awareness is the subject, awareness is the object – this is awareness aware of awareness.”

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