Lama Surya Das – Ep. 54 – Inviting Balance

Lama Surya Das - Ep. 54 - Inviting Balance

Lama Surya Das teaches a lesson on the most important principles of Dzogchen meditation and discusses ways we can bring balance into our spiritual practice.

Show Notes

Inviting Balance (Opening) – Lama Surya Das leads a chanting of Tara’s mantra and explains the meaning behind the invocation. He discusses the importance of balancing our spiritual practice and being open enough to try different forms of practice, like the chanting of mantra.

“The feminine wisdom of Tara is being, yin, rather than doing, yang.”

Taking the Big View (17:25) – With Lama Surya Das, we explore the most important principles of Dzogchen meditation.

“We practice this natural style of meditation according to these principles. Notice it doesn’t say anything about concentration, experience, visions, prayer or compassion. It is about the view, like the sky, naturally leading to the meditation of non-meditation. Nothing to do but enjoy the view, abide in the view, which like the sky has no boundaries.”

Lama Surya Das further explores the principles of Dzogchen in Ep. 8 of the Awakening Now Podcast.

Burning Up Karma (29:40) – Surya Das takes questions from the audience about Dzogchen and Dharmic practice. A sangha member talks about his challenge of having had a spiritual awakening at the end of his life. Surya Das talks about interpreting visions and what one can do when they are beginning the journey of awakening at the end of an incarnation.

Why We Practice (39:45) – After enough repetition, it can be easy to lose sight of why it is that we do our spiritual practices. Lama Surya Das has us ask ourselves why we practice and reminds us of what our Buddha nature really means.

“If we are all Buddhas, then why do we need to meditate or do anything? Its not enough to just say that we are all Buddhas. If you study these things the teachings don’t say we are all Buddhas. They says we are all Buddhas by nature and we have to recognize that fact. There are sleeping Buddhas and awakened Buddhas.”     

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