Lama Surya Das – Awakening Now – Ep. 81 – Integrating Dharma with Daily Life


Lama Surya Das embraces the dance of Rigpa as he explores how Bodhisattva actions means being responsive, as needed, to the higher vision of life.

Rigpa Remains Unmoved

Class is in session, and today’s subject is integrating dharma with daily life. Lama Surya Das reflects on Rigpa, which is our true nature, the nature of the mind, and how it has a crystal-like awareness. He talks about action and conduct as he explores the 10 Paramitas of the Bodhisattva.

“This is the conduct of the Bodhisattva. Notice we’re not talking about not lying, not killing, not stealing, moral precepts; this is not meditate, pray, chant; this is the natural outflow, the natural responsiveness of the Bodhisattva.” – Lama Surya Das

Lama Surya Das explores more about Rigpa on Awakening Now Ep. 60
Beyond the Meditation Mat (17:56)

Lama Surya Das talks about enhancement of action and taking things to the next level with your practice. Get off your meditation mats and out into the real world!

“If we want enlightenment, which is like realizing God, this is not just a weekend project, it’s an infinite journey and involving all beings, certainly not just one self and one ego.” – Lama Surya Das

Buddhist Lists (26:00)

Lama Surya Das answers questions about his own spiritual path and journey, the consciousness of the six senses, and why Buddhists love numbered lists so much.

“[Tibetan Buddhism] kind of took me over, I didn’t really decide.” – Lama Surya Das


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