Lama Surya Das – Awakening Now – Ep. 79 – Freedom From Action

Chatral Rinpoche

Lama Surya Das pays tribute to Dzogchen master Chatral Rinpoche as he talks about the important practice of letting things come and go, and accepting whatever is in front of you.

Chatral Rinpoche

Lama Surya Das tells stories about Dzogchen master Chatral Rinpoche as he talks about the changing of the guard that is underway in the Dzogchen tradition. 

“I guess now it’s up to us. Not that we can compare ourselves to them, but now it’s up to us.” – Lama Surya Das

Leave It As It Is (9:39)

Lama Surya Das gives a brief overview of the many Dzogchen practices he teaches, including Heart Essence, Sky Gazing, and Naked Awareness. He talks about how the name Chatral translates to “freedom from action.” We need to practice letting things come and go, and simply let things be. Just like snow falling on the lake, let it lay as it lays.

“Drop the body, drop the speech, drop the mind, and then sense directly, like a child seeing things for the first time.” – Lama Surya Das

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Sweet Surrender (27:30)

Lama Surya Das takes questions from the audience about the releasing process, and about how we can deal with habitual suffering imprints. He talks about the concept of surrender, and how it is part of the practice of gaining freedom from action. 

“There’s a lot to let go of. But letting go can be very simple if you get it at the root, where the connection really is.” – Lama Surya Das

Chatral Rinpoche

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Chatral Rinpoche       

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