BHNN Guest Podcast – Ep. 130 – Guided Benefactor Practice & Buddhist Chanting with Lama Rod Owens

The Spirit Underground’s Lama Rod Owens offers a guided benefactor practice and chanting of the Tibetan Buddhist mantra, ‘Om Mani Padme Hum.’

This episode sourced from DharmaSeed was recorded at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center retreat for Deepening into the Heart of Love and Freedom on 11/3/2020.

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“As we move through really difficult situations, it’s so important that we call into our practice help, support, and care. That’s always a part of my practice. I think so much of my practice is really just asking for help over and over again, and asking to see the love, the care that I deserve, that we all deserve.” – Lama Rod Owens

In this talk, Lama Rod Owens offers:
  • Insights around help, support, love, and care within our practice along the spiritual path
  • A guided “benefactor practice” – a metta practice focused around a source of refuge, love, and care
  • Chanting of and meaning behind the resonant Tibetan Buddhist mantra, “Om Mani Padme Hum”
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About Lama Rod Owens:

Lama Rod Owens is a Black Buddhist Southern Queen. An international influencer with a Master of Divinity degree in Buddhist Studies from Harvard Divinity School with a focus on the intersection of social change, identity, and spiritual practice. Author of Love and Rage: The Path of Liberation through Anger and co-author of Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love and Liberation, his teachings center on freedom, self-expression, and radical self-care. Highly sought after for talks, retreats, and workshops, his mission is showing you how to heal and free yourself. A leading voice in a new generation of Buddhist teachers with over 11 years of experience, Lama Rod is highly respected among his peers and the communities that he serves. From these intersections, he creates a platform that’s very natural, engaging, and inclusive.

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Photo via Paggi Eleanor