Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Ep. 93 – Uncovering the Love Within

In this episode of Pilgrim Heart, Krishna Das explores how chanting and repetition of the Names of God break down the walls of ego, uncovering the love that lives within us.

Uncovering the Love Within

Through chanting, through the repetition of the Names of God, everything is brought to fullness. Krishna Das explores how chanting helps us move more deeply into our own beings and breaks down the egocentric, “movie of me” world we live in every day. Through chanting, we plant seeds of goodness in our lives and tear down the walls of ego, uncovering the love within.

“The Name is only good for one thing, uncovering the love that lives within us as who we really are already. It’s not something we get, it’s not something anybody can give us. These names are the names of that love that lives within us as who and what we already are.” – Krishna Das

Ram Dass, Trudy Goodman, Jack Kornfield, and Duncan Trussell dive deeper into the “movie of me” on Mindrolling Ep. 269
The Definition of Insanity (18:25)

Krishna Das talks more about the practice of chanting, how it is simple but not easy. We are constantly letting go of thoughts and feelings, and coming back to the Name. He answers questions from the audience about how music influences the chanting, and whether it matters if we know the meaning of the names we are chanting.

“These names come from a place inside of us, our true nature, and they pull us into that place. It’s our thoughts and our emotions and all the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves that screw us up. We actually believe everything we think… that’s the definition of insanity.” – Krishna Das

Inside Out (40:30)

Krishna Das answers more questions about mantras and chanting. He tells a story about the Buddha encountering the natural goodness, the purity of being, that lives within all of us. He encourages everyone to keep practicing, regardless of whether it feels good or bad, and not to be attached to the fruits of the practice. 

“Do the practice, and let it change you from the inside out, which is what happens.” – Krishna Das


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