Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Ep. 125 – Desires & Willpower

In a discussion on materiality, willpower, and desires, Krishna Das plants seeds of wisdom for us to find balance.

Developing Willpower 

Willpower is what directs our energy. Many of us have issues with directing our energy and going after things. We usually use willpower to go towards things we desire or to steer away from the things we think might hurt us. This, however, is actually just reactive. It is not really conscious willpower. Krishna Das says that developing willpower is a part of becoming more aware and taking accountability for all of our actions. Practice definitely helps us open up and find our inner strength.

“Every time we come back from dreamland to the chant or the mantra or to our breath, or whatever our object of concentration is, we recommit to being with the mantra, to listening to the mantra, to hearing the mantra. That is an act of will.” – Krishna Das

The Spiritual vs. Material (27:26)

There is not a spiritual world somewhere else outside of our reality. The spiritual world is always right where we are. If we have polished our hearts and are at peace with who we are, we will be able to see love everywhere. We will not be lost in materials, attachments, and desires when our hearts are clear. If you are struggling with the material, that is not a problem with the material, but something to work on within yourself.

“What’s the quickest way to get out of this material world to the spiritual world? The quickest way is to understand that there is only one world and it’s the way you live in it that matters.” – Krishna Das

For a perspective on materialism from Alan Watts, check out The Unpreachable Religion
A Desire to be Healed (46:32)

There is nothing inherently wrong with having a desire. It is only human. Having already explored sexual desires and listening to our bodies and souls, Krishna Das replies to a question on the desire to heal. We can both accept our current dharma and have the simultaneous desire to heal. In fact, a lot of healing comes from that acceptance. Stay tuned for more chanting at the close of this episode!

“Don’t get caught thinking that you have to get something that you don’t have. Be where you are, be with what’s going on, and inside of that then you can work on healing.– Krishna Das

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