Krishna Das – Pilgrim Heart – Ep. 118 – Be Where You Are

Amidst singing three powerful chants to Hanuman, Krishna Das shares tangible insight into balancing life and practice by being where you are.

In this Hanging Out in the Heart Space session from May 27th, 2021, Krishna Das shares down-to-earth wisdom surrounding how we can balance our lives and live from the heart. Through this lens, he explores how we can get rid of bad behaviors, which mantras they sang in front of Maharaj-ji in India, how to deal with tough breakups, and what the best mantra is.

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Baba Hanuman // Practice & Bad Behaviors

Opening this episode, Krishna Das plays a bounding and heartfelt version of his classic song Baba Hanuman. From here, he opens the digital floor to audience questions diving into where his God Is Real / Hare Rama chant came from, and if adopting a spiritual practice can fix our bad behaviors.

“You can fix your bad behavior—only you can—and practice will give you the possibility of having a vote in making choices about your own actions.” – Krishna Das

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Balancing Life & Practice // Breakups & Relationships (28:01)

Krishna Das keeps the questions flowing, giving insight into inquiries around balancing chanting practice with study as a student, which chants the western devotees sang around Maharaj-ji, what to do if we don’t feel we are getting signals from Maharaj-ji, and how to work with breakups and relationships. Next, he tells a story of accidentally bringing his Indian mentors—K.C. & Krishnā Tewari—to a vice-ridden neighborhood in New York.

“When you’re studying, study. When you’re doing your practice, do your practice. The ability to be with whatever’s going on is a really big thing. The ability to actually pay attention to whatever it is you’re doing is a very huge ability to have.” – Krishna Das

The Best Mantra // Hanuman Chants (44:44)

Tending to more queries, Krishna Das explores if he considers himself a sadhu, which mantra opens our heart the best, and what his favorite Sufi music is. Next, he flips to some music and mantra, singing the chant Om Hum Hanumate Namaha, and closing the session with a powerful Hanuman Chalisa.

“Which mantra opens our heart the best? The one you do.” – Krishna Das

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