Krishna Das – Ep. 81 – Responding to the Call

responding to the call

Krishna Das explores how chanting is responding to the call to come back home to ourselves, and answers questions about willpower, wisdom, and his relationship with his parents. 


Krishna Das reflects on how the practice of chanting is about responding to the call that’s already being exerted on our hearts from within our own being. He shares Maharajji stories, and talks about the problem of Westerners not believing that unconditional love exists.

“If we don’t do the stuff, nothing’s gonna happen. But we’re doing the stuff and nothing’s happening. So what do you do? Catch-108.” – Krishna Das

Willpower and Humor (24:55)

Why did the Kirtan Wallah cross the road? Krishna Das answers questions about thoughts intruding on practice, ego and willpower, and how his relationship with Judaism contributed to his unique sense of humor.

“It’s the noticing that changes everything, even the helplessness, when you notice that. So you just keep coming back to whatever practice you’re doing. The coming back is a fucking miracle.” – Krishna Das

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Wisdom and Family (45:23)

Krishna Das continues to answer questions from the audience. He explores the difference between wisdom and intellectual knowledge, and talks about his complicated relationship with his parents. Krishna Das ends the show by chanting a beautiful Chalisa. 

“Opening the heart is wisdom. It isn’t intellectual knowledge, that’s a different thing. It’s not something you learn in books. But opening the heart, or your inner self, that’s where wisdom is, in your being. It’s not about studying books, wisdom doesn’t come from books. Intellectual understanding comes from books. Wisdom comes from practice.” –Krishna Das

responding to the call

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Quiet the mind and let the heart open while chanting in the tradition of Bhakti Yoga with Krishna Das. In this gathering of dedicated seekers and those new to the practice, KD will chant and, with gentle humor and a harmonium in his lap, humbly share anecdotes from the time he spent with Maharaji-ji in India, Ram Dass, and the Dalai Lama.
These stories about the seeker’s path are imbued by the same basic questions that stand the test of time: how do we live a good life, how do we become good human beings, and how do we deal with the fear we live and breathe every day.


Images via Monique Gray and Mary Godschalk