Krishna Das – Ep. 79 – A Miracle of Love

Krishna Das - Ep. 79 - A Miracle of Love

Krishna Das shares a dharma talk that explores the miracle of love available through our relationship with God and guru.

A Miracle of Love

Krishna Das shares experiences from his early time in India. He describes the moment he first met his guru, Maharaj-ji, and discovered the possibility of something much greater than the life he grew up knowing. How can we learn to find that same sense of infinite possibility within ourselves?

“I was born in New York City. What chance was there that I was going to ever trip and fall into anything real in life? It just wasn’t going to happen. Nobody in my family believed in anything.” – Krishna Das

A Path of Practice (6:00)

We look at how spiritual practices c an allow us to let go of our egoic identity and find our true selves. Can the path of practice open us to love when are hearts are closed?

“Guru, God, and Self are the same. So when you meet the real Guru – on the outside or inside – the feeling is familiar.” – Krishna Das  

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Ripening Through Practice (19:45)

Krishna Das describes the inevitable pulling away from the moment that we experience during spiritual practice. How do we find our way back to the present moment when we get lost?

Krishna Das - Ep. 79 - A Miracle of Love

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