Krishna Das – Ep. 78 – Ending Suffering From the Inside Out

Krishna Das - Ep. 78 - Ending Suffering From the Inside Out

This time on the Pilgrim Heart Podcast, Krishna Das shares a path to awakening that can allow us to end our suffering from the inside out.

Ending Suffering From the Inside Out

How can we get through the day without creating suffering for ourselves and others? When every moment is an opportunity to do so and our ego is inclined to cause harm, what can we do?

“There is never a moment when we are separated from our true self. Whatever you are doing, whatever you are feeling, you are always here. That ‘hereness’ is a door into our true nature. A door into Ram, into Krishna, into Kali and Buddha-nature” – Krishna Das 

Just Practice (7:00)

Krishna Das looks at the impact that just a few minutes of practice each day can have on our internal state of being, He looks at how the return to focus during practice cultivates equanimity and resiliency of the mind.

“Plant your seeds. Take that time away from the crazy flow of life to sit your ass down. And calm your mind a little bit. Then go live your life – have a good time. But do some practice and do it regularly.” – Krishna Das 

Real Life and the Spiritual Path (16:30)

We hear questions from a live audience around practice and navigating the spiritual life. Krishna Das gives advice on better integrating our practice into our lives. For accepting change along the spiritual path and living for the moment.

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Krishna Das - Ep. 78 - Ending Suffering From the Inside Out

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