Krishna Das – Ep. 71 – Longing for the Divine

Krishna Das answers questions about the reality we live in, what happens when we turn our minds to God and offers perspective on the longing for the divine that comes once we get a glimpse.

Relatively Divine

Does the Divine exist inside everyone? Even the worst of us? Krishna Das reflects on the interconnectedness of all things and the relative reality we live in.

“They talk about this a lot in Buddhism. Where there is ultimate reality and relative reality. Guess where we live?” – Krishna Das

The Longing (6:45)

What do we do with our longing to be back in union with the Divine? We examine the poem “Love Dogs” by Rumi. Verses that reveals the true gift that lies in this longing, once we let go of the illusion of our desires.

“When we see it from our point of view, we feel unsatisfied. The longing, to us, makes us feel bad. But if we switch that around, we see that the longing is really an absolute flow of connection with that which is. Don’t push it away, that is what saves you every day.” – Krishna Das

Remembering God (26:25)

Krishna Das talks about the meaning of the chant Bhaja Govinda. He reflects on our tendency to follow the impulses our foolish hearts and minds, rather than looking to God. How can suffering bring us closer to God?

“Even when we look out at the world’s suffering, we are seeing our own.” – Krishna Das 

The Difference Between Belief and Faith (47:50)

What is the difference between belief and faith? How does confidence in ourselves and the path we walk on lead us to real faith?

“Blind faith is useless. It is based on nothing. An emotional state that comes and goes. Real faith comes from your own experience.” – Krishna Das

Aarti (1:00:30)

We close with a reflection on the ritual of aarti and performance of Jaya Jagadisha Hare.

Krishna Das - Ep. 71 - Longing for the Divine

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Images via Asma R and Krishna Das