Krishna Das – Ep. 56 – The Will to Move Forward

Krishna Das - Ep. 56 - The Will to Move Forward

From mantra and psychedelics to the importance of choices and finding the will to move forward, Krishna Das answers questions from a live audience about navigating the journey of awakening.

Show Notes

Love Like Gopala (Opening) – Children respond to the world without most of the filters that develop with maturity. Krishna Das talks about the way in which the seeds of spirituality blossom when the heart is as open as a child’s.

For more discussion around planting seeds in our heart with the repetition of mantra, check out Ep. 50 of the Krishna Das Pilgrim Heart Podcast. 

The Sound is the Meaning (4:00) – Krishna Das discusses the vibrational quality of the Sanskrit language and the power behind the repetition of mantra.

“For me, it’s about love. It’s not about the vibrations. I know that if I pay attention and keep coming back out of my thoughts, and into my heart, that love starts to come up and I can enter into the room that Maharaj-ji opened the door of.” – Krishna Das

Tripping with Maharaj-ji (9:00) – A conversation about the use of psychedelics and their role in spiritual practice.

“Yogi’s have known about this medicine for thousands of years. It used to grow up in the Kullu Valley, up in the mountains. A yogi would go up to the mountains and quiet down. He would bring his mind to one point, then he would take the Soma and go through the door.” – Neem Karoli Baba

The Will To Move (20:45) – KD talks about differentiating the ultimate reality, where all is one and everything is perfect, and the relative reality, where our will and individual choices matter.

“Ultimate reality, or oneness, is not something to think about, it is what we finally recognize as the truth. In the meantime, there are a lot of things that are helpful and not helpful, and each one of us has to find out what those things are for ourselves.” – Krishna Das   

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