Krishna Das – Ep. 22 – Worry, Generosity, and the Art of Keeping it Simple

KD responds to questions from a workshop audience on several topics including his current relationship with Maharaji, working with anxiety, practicing generosity, and the art of keeping it simple.

He encourages finding time every day to practice, even if only for a few minutes, suggesting that what starts as a seed inevitably blooms with time. The goal of practice, whether formal or not, is to shift our thoughts in order to move outside of our habitual patterns of self-cherishing. KD reminds us that we can’t think our way out of a box created by thoughts.

“It’s very good to practice generosity. We need to train ourselves to think like that because it’s not natural to us as egos in a sense. As scared little people to be expansive and share what we have.” – Krishna Das

Image via Flickr.