Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 82 – Desire and Its End

desire and its end

Joseph Goldstein examines the true nature of craving, how sense pleasures provide a false sense of happiness, and how we can practice the end of desire on a moment-to-moment basis.

The Fever of Unsatisfied Longing

How do we bring about the end of desire? Joseph begins with an exploration of how craving and desire, or the fever of unsatisfied longing, misdirects us from happiness. He examines the craving for sense pleasures and how those desires become patterns in our lives.

“Although we may call it by different names – we can call it peace, or awakening, or enlightenment – really what we’re all looking for is happiness, some deep, abiding fulfillment and completion.” – Joseph Goldstein

Krishna Das looks at how to balance our desires on Pilgrim Heart Ep. 46
Lust Cracks the Brain (26:36)

Joseph covers the drawbacks and dangers of sense pleasures. He talks about how unwholesome actions can take place when desire becomes strong in the mind, and how it takes courage to look deeply into these patterns.

“We go chasing after the illusory happiness of these sense pleasures, and unless we start paying attention to the downside, to the drawback, we are just living in that forward momentum of desire and craving without ever coming to a place of completion, to a place of real peace.” – Joseph Goldstein

Desire and Its End (38:00)

In addition to the craving for sense pleasures, there’s also the craving for becoming. Joseph talks about the many ways this manifests, including in our meditation practice. Ultimately, the end of desire is something that can be practiced at any moment, and can be the path to complete liberation.

“The next moment is just as impermanent as this moment, so it’s not going to offer any resolution of anything.” – Joseph Goldstein



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