Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 73 – Factors of Awakening: Equanimity

joseph goldstein equanimity

Joseph Goldstein explores the final awakening factor, equanimity, which plays a key role both in our lives in the world and on the spiritual path.

Peace and Balance

Joseph Goldstein introduces the concept of equanimity and how it supports the other factors on the path of awakening. He talks about how the first way we experience equanimity is the peace and balance it provides as we surf the daily vicissitudes of life. 

“When this gain and loss is untempered by equanimity, by balance, by being in the middle-ness of experience, it keeps us in servitude to the inevitably changing conditions of our lives.” – Joseph Goldstein

Joseph Goldstein talks about equanimity in difficult times on Insight Hour Ep. 46
The Divine Abodes (23:30)

The second way equanimity manifests is as the fourth of the Brahma-Viharas, the mind states called the Divine Abodes. Joseph breaks down how in this mode, it allows us to look upon all beings equally, free from discrimination.

“This is the gift of equanimity, this impartiality towards all beings.” – Joseph Goldstein 

The Equanimity of Meditative Wisdom (30:54)

Joseph explores the third way equanimity manifests, the wisdom aspect of equanimity. He talks about how a mind with no preference begins to experience the truth of the unreliability of conditioned phenomena. Eventually, the illusion is seen.

“All phenomena are like a rainbow. Now what’s a rainbow? A rainbow is an appearance arising out of certain conditions, of light and moisture and air. Conditions come together, there’s an appearance of a rainbow. A rainbow is not a substantial thing, it’s an appearance.” – Joseph Goldstein

Act Without Attachment (44:47)

Joseph ends the show by sharing several ways we can bring equanimity into our lives. He talks about how this quality is strengthened by spending time with wise, equanimous beings, and offers a meditation to develop it further. 

“To act without attachment to the fruit of the action.” – Bhagavad Gita

joseph goldstein equanimity

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