Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 64 – The Satipatthāna Sutta: Mindfulness of Feelings


In this continuing exploration of The Satipatthāna Sutta, Joseph Goldstein looks at why The Buddha placed such importance on the mindfulness of what arises in every moment of awareness.

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Show Notes

Realizing What is Possible (Opening)

How can the mindfulness of our feelings move us closer to inner liberation? Firstly, Joseph looks at the Buddhas teaching around the contemplation of what arises in every moment. Secondly, he looks at why it is such a powerful tool for awakening.

“Sometimes in English, the word feeling refers to emotions. Sometimes feeling refers to physical sensations. In Buddhism, the word vedanā is defined much more precisely. Vedanā refers to that quality of pleasantness. Unpleasantness or neutrality that arises in every moment of contact with experience.” – Joseph Goldstein 

The Play of Conditioning (16:30)

Thirdly, Joseph shares examples from The Buddha around the mechanics of our response to our feelings. And how these responses quickly become conditioned.

“Just this little feeling that arises when we are not mindful. And it sets in motion this chain of conditioning that is strengthening our attachment to the causes of suffering.” – Joseph Goldstein

Working with Feelings (30:20)

Lastly, we look at different methods available to us as we begin to establish a regular practice of mindfulness towards our feelings as they arise.

“As we directly see the transitory nature of whatever feelings are arising we become less identified with them. We become less attached to the pleasant, knowing it is just going to arise and pass, and we get less fearful of the unpleasant.” – Joseph Goldstein

Image via Oliver.zs