Joseph Goldstein – Insight Hour – Ep. 55 – The Satipatthāna Sutta: The Direct Path to Freedom

Joseph begins a series exploring The Satipatthāna Sutta, the Buddha’s discourse on the establishing of mindfulness, and the direct path to freedom it contains.

In this episode of the Insight Hour Podcast, we are introduced the four abidings of mindfulness found in The Satipatṭhāna Sutta and launch an investigation into how they provide a direct pathway to liberation.       

Show Notes

The Direct Path to Freedom (Opening) – Joseph reflects on the possibility of awakening through Vipassana meditation. We are introduced to the Buddha’s discourse which serves as the foundation for all Vipassana and mindfulness practices – The Satipatṭhāna Sutta.

“Students, this is the direct path for the purification of beings, for the surmounting of sorrow and lamentation, for the disappearance of pain and grief, for the attainment of the true way, for the realization of Nibbāna – namely, the four Satipatṭhānas.” – Buddha

The Four Abidings of Mindfulness (9:35) – To best understand The Satipatṭhāna Sutta, it is essential to have an understanding of some of the original Pali language it was written in. Joseph teaches the meaning behind some of the most used – and often misinterpreted – terms used in the discourse. We take a deeper look at the meaning behind the four abidings of mindfulness taught in The Satipatṭhāna Sutta.

Abiding Ardent (21:40) The first abiding of mindfulness is the quality of ardency. Joseph examines this quality of perseverance and passionate care with what is happening in the moment and shares practices for cultivating ardency.

“This quality of ardency is when we have this devotion to the moment with continuity and perseverance, with the long enduring mind. That is what gives strength to our practice.” – Joseph Goldstein

Clear Knowledge (43:25) – We look at the factor of wisdom taught in the Satipatṭhāna Sutta known as the quality of clear mind.

“In regard to the body, a student abides contemplating the body ardent – clearly knowing” – Buddha

Joseph further explores the quality of clear mind on Ep. 22 of the Insight Hour Podcast