Mindrolling – Raghu Markus & David Silver – Ep. 126 – John Lockley The Shaman

John Lockley

South African shaman John Lockley visits the Mindrolling studios to talk about dreaming, chanting and healing with plant medicines.

Experience John Lockley’s journey into authentic shamanism after intense and intensive training and initiation.  How did a South African Irishman become a real Xhosa sangoma – “dreamer”?  What is a shaman anyway?  John talks with R & D about using your dreams to heal your deepest psyche’s wounds and traces his path from soldier/medic to Zen to yoga to Nature-master medicine man.

Show Notes

People of the Song (Opening) – We hear the fascinating story of a military medic whose prayers to serve others better were answered in the most unexpected ways. John introduces us to the practices of the Sangoma and shares how he was brought into the tradition.

“Even though it was the best medicine in the world, we couldn’t do anything for Ian and he kept suffering and was on his way out. I just made a prayer, I asked God to show me another way of healing. So that if I am ever in this situation again I can do something because I can’t connect with his spirit.” – John Lockley

Edge of Awakening (30:05) – John shares his first experience healing another person as a sangoma. David and John discuss the edge of awakening that comes with severe illness.

“Fortunately it was a successful story and he was able to walk and live again. I saw my gift as coming full circle. Ten years from someone who had broken their neck, went into a coma and died; to someone else who had broken their neck, lost feeling in their legs and suddenly regaining that as walking out. I saw that as very successful in terms of my training.” – John Lockley

Dream Work (38:10) – John talks about his work with dreams and how dreams have the possibility to enhance our day to day balance.

“Firstly I encourage people to take notice of their dreams, write things down and make some kind of diary of dreams. The most important thing for any student of dreams is for them to start to develop a pattern of their dreaming. Its like, what is the blueprint of your dreaming. That is very important because one dream is like a mandala, it shows the whole conscious evolution you go through.” – John Lockley

Learn more about John and his teaching schedule on his website Here.
Photo via Intuitive Earth