Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 115 – The Medicine of the Dharma


Jack Kornfield shares a talk about the medicine that the Dharma might offer us during these turbulent times, explores the power of speaking truth, and reflects on the world’s need for love in action.

The Medicine of the Dharma

Jack addresses the moral crisis in America highlighted by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others. He explores the virus of racism and the never-ending difficulties Black people face in America. Jack talks about how the first thing the medicine of the Dharma offers us is to listen deeply and really understand, not rush to fix what’s happening.

“There’s this divisiveness that’s been sewn. And some of our leadership might hold up a Bible in their hand at the same time that young people are being teargassed a few blocks away. We need something else. We need a whole other way of living with one another. And what’s true is that, pandemic or not, we’re all subject to the pervasive virus of racism.” – Jack Kornfield

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Speaking Truth (5:23)

When we’ve listened deeply and are ready to respond, Jack talks about how we need the medicine of truth. He shares powerful stories that illustrate the power of speaking truth, including one about working with prisoners at San Quentin Prison. 

“All of the three hundred people, and those standing in their caps and gowns, became silent for a time, because Luis had spoken a truth that we needed to hear and needed to understand. Otherwise, the busses are arriving to San Quinten, month by month, bringing the black and brown children from our lives and our community, as if we were in Nazi Germany. And we have to make a difference.” – Jack Kornfield

Love In Action (19:07)

Jack explores the militarization of the police in America, and how people of color can’t simply go about their lives in the same way as white people. He talks about how there can be an end to greed, hatred, and ignorance, and that we should never underestimate the power of the human heart to transform the world. What the world needs now is love in action.

“Who you are is consciousness itself, is loving awareness. You’re not limited to your personality, to your body, to the beliefs of the society around you. You have a birthright of dignity and of freedom of heart, and this is what’s true.” – Jack Kornfield

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