Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 106 – Responding to Fear, Tragedy & Injustice


We go back into the archives just a few weeks after the events of 9/11 for a lesson on how we can better respond to fear, tragedy, and injustice by cultivating a peaceful heart.

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A Pull to Sanctuary & Community

Jack reflects on the ways we can mourn loss and suffering in a healing way that offers equanimity and brings us together in the community.

“For many of us, there is a deep pull towards sanctuary. To find places that feel peaceful. Also, there is a pull to find community when things are so volatile and difficult. We can find a way to connect with one another.” – Jack Kornfield

All Things Follow from the Mind (15:10)

How do our thoughts affect the way we respond to difficulty? Jack looks at how the state of our hearts and mind determines how we navigate political polarization within our relationships. He discusses the Buddha’s teachings about how fear and hatred poison the heart and mind, trapping us in suffering.

“How we approach another living being, or in fact what is in our mind as we approach life, will determine how it responds to us” – Jack Kornfield

The Wisdom of Insecurity (31:20)

How does accepting change and impermanence affect how we respond to difficult times? Jack explores the reality of impermanence and the wisdom that comes when we accept change.

“This is called the wisdom of insecurity. It is not so easy to hear is it? That things are not permanent. That things will change and that there is no forever.” – Jack Kornfield

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