Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 103 – Right Livelihood and Redemption

right livelihood and redemption

In this dharma talk, Jack Kornfield reminds us to bring loving-awareness to all our actions in life as he ties together the concepts of Right Livelihood and redemption.

Honoring Interdependence

Jack begins with reflections on death and the impermanence of life, and shifting our consciousness away from the idea that war is simply how humans act. He talks about Labor Day, and how it’s really a day of gratitude and honoring our interdependence as humans.

“In a deep way, to meditate is really to stop and listen and look with the eyes and the heart at this mystery of human life and human incarnation.” – Jack Kornfield

Right Livelihood and Redemption (19:20)

Using the tale of the Buddhist poet Milarepa as his backdrop, Jack explores the ideas of Right Livelihood and redemption. No matter what we’ve done in life, it’s never too late to start again.

“Right Livelihood is considered a part of the way to enlightenment most simply because it’s very hard to meditate after a day of killing and stealing.” – Jack Kornfield

Joseph Goldstein explores Right Action and Livelihood on Insight Hour Ep. 39
Work as Meditation (40:36)

Jack talks about using your work as a practice and a form of meditation, and offers a few stories of redemption. He ties everything together with the idea of bringing the tea of loving-awareness with you through all circumstances in life. 

“Where you are becomes your place of awakening.” – Jack Kornfield

right livelihood and redemption

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