Jack Kornfield – Heart Wisdom – Ep. 102 – The Wisdom of the One Who Knows


Jack Kornfield offers a reflection on our Buddha-nature and the wisdom of ‘The One Who Knows’.

Trust in Awareness

Jack shares a reminder that, even though we may be struggling and there is suffering in our lives, we are not alone. How can spiritual practice offer us the insight to see the impermanence of suffering and the greater struggle for freedom that we all share?

“What happens as you meditate is you expand what neaurscientists call ‘the window of tolerance’ for life. Expand your capacity to be present with the losses and gains and tears and hopes and pleasures and pains that make up your life. More and more you begin to be able to trust that awareness itself can hold all this – your awareness.” – Jack Kornfield

The One Who Knows (15:40)

What aspect of ourselves has been with us before our first breath and is the last to go when we die? Jack looks at the timeless witness that is always with us and how spiritual practice opens us to rest in this seat of awareness.

“The one who knows, in the space of loving awareness, allows you to become more comfortable with the paradox of human incarnation.” – Jack Kornfield

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We Are In This Together (43:25)

Jack reflects on the aspect of our awareness that realizes our interconnection to all beings. He speaks of the paradoxical truths that we are both ‘all one’ and also absolutely unique in our incarnation.

“This is the one who knows that says,’We are in this together.’ We all have our sufferring and we all have our magnificent beauty. Why not love eachother? Why not see with the eyes of compassion and see that we are connected? It doesn’t take long. Just five minutes of metta on the train or in busy traffic, wishing well to all those other cars.” – Jack Kornfield  


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