Jack Kornfield – Ep. 85 – Enlightenments

Enlightenments Jack Kornfield - Ep. 85 - Enlightenments

This week on the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack looks at the many enlightenments that each of us is capable of and explores why the possibility of liberation is such a taboo in many circles.

Show Notes

Is It Possible In This Lifetime? (Opening)

If the liberation of consciousness is the goal of spiritual practice. Then why is it such a taboo to talk about actually reaching enlightenment in this life? Jack shares a dialog with his audience about some of the many unasked questions around individual liberation.

“The theme that I would like to talk about is often a kind of taboo in meditation circles – enlightenment.” – Jack Kornfield

Enlightenments (9:40)

Jack begins to unpack the concept of enlightenment. By looking at the many enlightenments written about in Buddhist texts. He investigates some of the differences between the various beliefs around liberation, which presents many paths to the same end.

“Even within the Buddhist texts themselves, there are different languages and approaches and descriptions to enlightenment.” – Jack Kornfield

Moments of Awakening (18:30)

We look at the many moments of awakening that present themselves in our lives. Jack reflects on the conflict between our attachment to identity and our true selves that leads us to liberation.

“There is in us a sense of that which is timeless – outside of our own identity – and we touch it in all kinds of ways.” – Jack Kornfield

Enlightenments Painting by Daniela Cojocarita

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Art via Daniela Cojocarita