Jack Kornfield – Ep. 81 – Fostering Creativity

Jack Kornfield explores the liberation available when we cultivate our creativity through the practices of an open heart.

Show Notes

You Are Creativity (Opening) – How can creativity lead us to liberation? Jack explores the aspect of creativity that frees our hearts and minds.

“It is one thing to study the texts or to do various practices or come on a retreat to learn the Dharma tradition, but the most important kind of communion is to experience it; to embody it and discover it in your own heart, mind and being. Of course, the essence of the Buddha’s teaching is that of liberation, that the heart and mind can be free wherever we are and under whatever circumstance. To be liberated in this human incarnation means also to recognize that life itself is this creative act and you are this creative act.” – Jack Kornfield

Bearing it All (11:55) – Jack shares a story about freeing our creativity by opening our hearts equally to both our pain and joy. He looks at how spiritual practice can be a creative act that allows us to bear the sorrows and the magnificent beauty in the world where we find liberation.

“Our education is a very rote system, it doesn’t really teach us to think or be ourselves so well. We forget that creativity is what we are. We are loving-awareness expressed through this life.” – Jack Kornfield 

Jack describes the beauty of the of the spirit of creativity and open heart that arises naturally when we can empty ourselves of the burden of identity on Ep. 34 of the Heart Wisdom Podcast

The Energy of Life (21:00) – We look at the way that creative spirit allows for us to move with the energy of life. Jack shares the maverick creativity he saw in all of his teachers which expressed their true liberation.

“Everything is born out of emptiness. Through creative spirit, we can move and shape our lives. Not always our circumstances, we have our karma, we were born into a certain culture and body, but given the palette you can do anything; that’s really the Third Noble Truth – the non-clinging of becoming the loving-awareness that is free” – Jack Kornfield 

Fostering Creativity (36:05) – Jack closes with an exercise that opens our hearts and minds to the possibility of our creative spirit.